Honorable High Court Overlooks Past Sins of Unworthy Unitech & Its Directors

The unsettling order which a huge number of Buyer Associations and individual (or groups) of buyers are getting ready to challenge is as follows:

Respecting the majesty of the law, we fully respect and honor the judgement by Justice SK Misra (Retd.), and the most effective way to discuss its merits & demerits is in the appropriate court of law; in this instant case as a Special Leave Petition (SLP) in the Honorable Supreme Court of India. But, we also believe that this special order should not be left only for lawyers to argue, but that the Unitech buyers (and other property buyers at large because this might become a precedent setting case for the other builders too) should also discuss this openly & frankly. An open and decorous discussion would also be keeping in the spirit with which Honorable Justice SK Misra passed this order, stipulating in Para 16 of the said order that “applicants and the company … put forward their Scheme to each of the homebuyers by convening their meetings at convenient locations and seeking their approval,” and in Para 17 that “the company shall take appropriate steps to get the same approved by all the stakeholders, prior to the filing of the second motion petition.”

The Unitech case moved at supersonic speed through the Delhi High Court, and the Order was pronounced by Honorable Justice Sudershan Kumar Misra (now Retd.) on September 02, 2016.

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Raheja Developers’ Zombies Launch Twitter Attack

Unhappy with the social media posts of many buyers/residents and consumer activists, Raheja Developers has gone on a massive counter attack via zombie accounts on platforms like Twitter &¬†Livefyre. As can be seen in the images below, in the multiple accounts where Raheja Developers is posting from, all account are posting SAME Tweets, and even the handles are of foreign names – how stupid of Rahejas, that they are randomly tweeting and not even addressing the issues raised. The accounts from Raheja “defenders” are tweeting are just paid accounts for hire – that Mr Raheja must have paid for with the money he has cheated / extorted from the buyers.

And, for Raheja Developers, whose MD claims to have 30 (thirty!) years of real estate experience, it is a new low point. As they are trying to entrap buyers with their “Big Bang Sale – Upto 30% OFF,” it would be good for them to remember that performance counts. Not lies, ghapla, and cheating …. Chor to koi bhi ban jaye, builder ban kar dekhao.¬†